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In our experience, we have found that for any given type of project 80% of what needs to be delivered is common across all similar projects. However there is a tremendous amount of value to be captured in the remaining 20% of the project with unique needs to be tailored for every client. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that, 80% of the value captured generally stems from 20% of a client’s unique needs.

Most of the value delivered is through a small % of custom needs

That said most consulting firms give equal weight in terms of time spent to both common and unique needs. Our approach is different. We optimize to take advantage of the pattern depicted in the image above, and focus on maximizing client value capture. To that end we strive to spend 80% of our and your combined effort focused on understanding your unique needs. 



Most of the value delivered is through a small % of custom needs

We spend most of our time with you understanding these needs

Our objective is to very quickly accelerate you to baseline competencies that are in-line with 80% of common client needs. We leverage a combination of proprietary and open source tools, technologies, and assets to achieve this. While a typical consulting firm can spend months to simply get to this point, on a typical engagement we average less than two weeks to get to this point, and focus the remainder of our efforts on understanding and implementing your unique needs.

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