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With over 2.5 Exabyte's (1 billion gigabytes) of data being created every day, the need to coalesce, analyze, and make actionable decisions from data is ever increasing. As the physical and digital world begin to merge even further with the Internet of Things, the amount of machine and human generated data will increase exponentially. In this environment it is of paramount importance to work with tools, partners, and technology that can keep you ahead of the game, and do so in a cost-effective, compliant, and secure manner. To this end, MindLift's Big Data and Analytics services provides capabilities for:


  • Splunk design, build, operations

  • Data integration and business   intelligence

  • IT operations excellence and monitoring (performance and vendor management)

  • Information risk and incident management 

  • IT compliance and governance





The average iPhone today has more computing capacity than a typical laptop did towards the end of the last decade. Add to this the storage, sensory, and advanced software capabilities of a typical smart phone, and you have a game changing computing device in the palms of your consumers, employees, and business partners. Mobile, combined with the emergence of wearable technology, augmented & virtual reality, and smart devices embedded in the ecosystem, puts us at the cusp of one of the biggest revolutions in the history of technology. The limits of what's possible are simply the limits of our imagination. We help turn your imagination into reality by providing:


  • Mobile strategy services

  • Ideation and requirements capture

  • UX / UI and application development services

  • Application support services

  • Specialized procurement and sourcing


Is Nike an apparel and accessories company or a technology company? Is Tesla, an automobile company, or a technology company that simply happens to make automobiles? These are profound questions that are now beginning to shape the future of not just technology, but business itself. As incumbents increasingly find themselves squaring off against digital native competition in every industry imaginable, it is important for incumbents and their CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs to look at IT not as a commodity, but as a business differentiator. However, this cannot happen if technology is delivered and managed in the way it has been for the last two decades. We can help your company make a leap into digitalization by providing the platforms and capabilities for:  


  • Cloud and identity and access management

  • Data lifecycle management and archiving

  • Customer experience and contact centers

  • Unified communications, collaboration and HD video conferencing

  • Infrastructure and network services

  • Web and mobile analytics and insights


The cost of creating a startup has dropped dramatically over the last decade. If you are a good developer you can have an application up and running for $0.02 per hour on AWS. If you are an Android developer you can register on Google Play and begin distributing apps to consumers for $25 a year. That said, while it has become much easier to launch and even distribute an app, the ability to truly penetrate an enterprise and to receive executive sponsorship, as well as the ability to provide professional and/or managed services for complex deployments, remains non-trivial. On the flipside if you are an enterprise evaluating startups to partner with or products to pilot, you have a plethora of options to sift through and choose from. MindLift can help both startups and enterprises by providing:


  • Startup advisory board services

  • Product market fit assessments

  • Emerging technology assessments

  • Proof of concepts

  • Partnership and professional services

  • New practices and center of excellence development


Management consulting in its purest form is not a tip of the spear strategy to sell additional services. Old school management consulting is about being a trusted partner to your clients, and providing the best advice to them, irrespective of whether or not it helps the consulting firm's top line. We believe in old school management consulting. We want you to hire us not because we have a huge brand, or to serve as insurance policy in-case a recommendation we make goes awry, or because you happen to play golf with us. We want you to hire us because our success is only defined by your success, because our experience is based on a proven track-record of success, and because when we say we think out of the box, we are not just saying it, our services speak to it. Our management consulting focus includes:


  • Assessment and roadmap development

  • Design and delivery services

  • Operations and continuous improvement

  • Business analysis and project management

  • Program solution architecture

  • Journey management


There are over 15M people in the world with IT skills. In our experience less than 1% of these people are experts in their field - whether this be strategy, design, development, infrastructure, project and/or program management, or operations. However, to the untrained eye it is often impossible to distinguish an expert from a charlatan. Tools like LinkedIn, Dribbble, GitHub etc. are helpful - to an extent. We make it our business to identify the top experts in different areas of technology, build communities that nurture experts and enable collaboration between them, and to help you quickly on-board experts in several key IT skills including:


  • Program and project management

  • Functional and industry specific IT skills

  • UX / UI design

  • Bleeding edge development

  • Cloud integration architecture

  • Big data architecture and data scientists

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